Montgomery County schools get multi-million dollar face-lift

(Photo: NewsChannel 8)

Three schools in Montgomery County got a multi-million dollar face lift as part of a county-wide plan to boost enrollment.

Garret Park, Seven Locks and Cannon Road reopened Wednesday after renovations that took a year and half and more than $50 million dollars to complete.

“I know the excitement for our family was that we started out in the holding school so for us to have this first day, it’s been amazing,” said Meredith Josef, parent.

After nearly a year-long wait, the schools are now bigger, better and have the latest teaching technology.

“Oh definitely, definitely worth the wait,” said Principal Elaine Chang-Baxter.

Officials are hoping that the upgrades will prompt a spike in enrollment. More than 7,000 students are expected to flood the system by 2017.

The schools have promethean boards in the classrooms, green gardens on the roof, bigger gyms and the ever-so coveted big-kid lockers – a huge hit the first-graders.

“The promethean boards will be a big help actually,” said Noah Drill, math teacher. “The kids will be able to use them, it’s very interactive for the students. It just makes everything a lot more engaging.”

Still, the pencil and paper remain.

“Some things stay the same, school is still school,” he said.

While many are looking forward to using the new facilities, others are focusing more on what’s next.

“A lot of our schools need updating and we need to not only deal with the growth but also the updating of some of our facilities,” said John Suhre, teacher.