Montgomery County robbery investigated

The Cartier store was robbed Tuesday. (Photo: Jennifer Donelan)

Police in Montgomery County are investigating a robbery in the 5400 block of Wisconsin Avenue at a Cartier store.

The initial robbery call came in at about 11:05 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police say no weapons were used in the robbery.

One man was buzzed into the front door, which allowed the other suspects to enter the store, police say. The suspects smashed open a jewelry case and took property.

The suspects then fled the area in a black Dodge. An off-duty Montgomery County officer in his vehicle and another officer pursued the suspects but stopped at Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street in D.C.

A Capitol Hill officer later spotted the vehicle and informed other police of the vehicle. A police sergeant then started chases the suspects but crashed in southeast.

Police say there have been thefts at other stores among the collection of luxury retail shops. Many now only allow entrance from the back parking lot and if there's an off duty police officer