Montgomery County residents wait for power restoration

While crowds waited to see fireworks light up the skies for the Fourth of July, many without power are still waiting for another welcomed sight - lights.

Wednesday was no holiday for utility crews across the region, as they worked to repair downed power lines and restore electricity to frustrated families.

But despite their hard work, the patience of many is wearing thin.

"Why are we out so long, especially when half of our community has power?," asked Potomac resident Sharon Hawthorne.

Hawthorne doesn't get it. Sure there is storm damage in her neighborhood, but her lines are underground.

Hawthorne added, "We are not in the boonies. We are in a pretty densely populated area, and I don't see any trucks."

Underground lines are less vulnerable than those running through the trees, but they often feed off of above ground sources and substations, which can take hits during severe storms.

Potomac resident Birgit Sheldon said, "We just can't believe it, you know. We still don't have the power back, but hopefully, we are counting the moments."

The Sheldons and their six children are eating out at restaurants and sleeping in the basement, where it's not as hot. But, the lack of power is taking a toll on the family.

"I thought it was going to be back earlier, the power, and now it's really hot," Isabella Sheldon exclaimed.

Scott Stempel returned home Wednesday hoping to find his lights back on, but instead he was sweating and fuming.

"We moved out Saturday. We are actually living downtown at a dog friendly hotel. Because our dog was even more miserable than we were," Stempel explained.

A few minutes later, Stempel's dog, Joey, was panting again. Since he still has no idea when the power will return, Stempel checked out the house, repacked and headed back to the dog-friendly and air conditioned hotel.{ }

Stempel added, "There is no way we could really live in here."