Montgomery County residents could get hit with higher gas prices

Prices at the gas pump could be getting more expensive. An extra 20 cents a gallon more expensive.

"It's cost on top of cost. And what are we getting? Not much," said College Park resident Kiersten Johnson.

Within three years Democratic Governor Martin O' Malley wants to make everyone pay a six percent sales tax on gasoline.

O'Malley also wants to double the flush tax on the average person to help clean the Chesapeake, raise your power bill to fund offshore wind turbines, and hike income taxes on singles making at least $100,000 and families making $150,000, which in a pricey place like Montgomery County doesn't mean your are rich.

Rob Mills says he often buys gas in Virginia to save money, and says the taxes could drive him out of Maryland.

"I grew up in this area right close to here," Mills said. "So yeah I would like to stay in here, but not paying all these taxes."

A spokesperson for O'Malley said the taxes are needed because the state is way behind on things like roads and the governor feels making more cuts would be too painful.

Some say they are willing to pay more.

"There has to be some increase, that's normal," said Silver Spring resident Marion Johnson.

But Johnson says hitting people too hard is a bad idea.

"I just think that's going to tank the economy even moreso, in the local sense," Johnson said.