Montgomery County towing draws complaints

Some parking problems around the heart of the entertainment district in Bethesda aren't getting any better.

The number one complaint to the Montgomery County Consumer Protection Office is towing.

At the Bradley Shopping Center in Bethesda, businesses are desperate to save parking spaces for their customers only.

Tim Merkel with Bradley Food & Beverage says, "You have to be aggressive."

So when the store lot warns, "Walking off the premises will subject your vehicle to our towing policy," they mean it.

The Libicki family is one of the 312 county residents who claim they were unfairly towed.

Kayla Libicki, 18, and her dad say they parked in the shopping center, she went into Staples while her dad walked to a nearby grocery store. Ten minute later, "the car was gone," Kayla says.

The Libickis walked more than a mile to get their van back. They still haven't gotten their $128 back.

The president of Henry's Wrecking Service says he will refund the family, even though his driver took a photo that shows Mr. Libicki walking away from the vehicle and his daughter nowhere in sight. That's often the source of confusion - one passenger goes into a business, the other is considered a walk off.