Montgomery County Police officer saves baby's life with CPR

Ofc. Ben Crumlin performed CPR on the 9-day-old baby, saving his life. Photo: NewsChannel 8

(WJLA) - A 6-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police department is being credited with saving the life of a 9-day-old baby boy who stopped breathing.

Ofc. Ben Crumlin was working the midnight shift early Monday morning when he was flagged down by a car that was racing the newborn, who was having trouble breathing, to the hospital. When Crumlin evaluated the boy, he wasn't breathing at all.

On the side of Randolph Road in Silver Spring in the dead of night, Crumlin was able to revive the baby before he was taken to a nearby hospital.

"I felt like time was going so slow," Crumlin said. "Once I heard the breath, I wanted to hurry up and get the baby to medical treatment."

Thankfully, the baby was treated and released from the hospital several hours later. Crumlin says he gave the child one rescue breath and chest compressions before fire and rescue officials arrived.

"The hospital staff did a great job. The whole floor was ready," Crumlin said. "It was great teamwork on our part, fire and rescue and the hospital center. It shows how we do things in Montgomery County."

Fellow officers commended Crumlin on for his actions.

"Officer Crumlin's training and experience and his ability to act quickly made a difference in this child's life," Cmdr. Don Johnson said of Crumlin's work.

The officer said that the tiny baby "fit in the palm of his hand" and that the relied on his first responder training to help save a life.

"Luckily, they had a December baby," he said. "It was a holiday miracle."

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