Montgomery County Police impersonator victim speaks out about ordeal

A composite sketch of a suspected police impersonator. (Photo: Montgomery County Police)

Investigators have released a composite sketch of a suspected police impersonator who they say who robbed a woman he pulled over in Silver Spring last week.

It was near the intersection of Avenel Road and St. Camillus Drive in Silver Spring on May 2 when the victim, who ABC 7 is not identifying, was pulled over by who she thought was a Montgomery County cop while she was on her way to church.

After the driver of the small, black car began honking and motioning her to pull over, she did.

"When he was close to me, he showed me an ID and a badge...I thought he was a police officer," the 39-year-old victim said.

The suspect then asked for her license and registration, then says she was ordered to get out of the car and sit on he curb. Then, while the victim says the suspect was "checking her car," he allegedly grabbed her cell phone and purse, then fled.

"He selected a woman who has maybe not been in our country very long (or) unfamiliar with our language," Montgomery County Police Capt. Paul Starks said.

The suspect was allegedly wearing a fake police badge, black cargo pants, boots and a vest. All of those items can easily be purchased online, but authorities say there are ways to protect yourself.

"If you're being pulled over in a plain car and you don't think it's police, get on your cell phone and dial 911," Starks said.

As for the victim, she hopes others will learn from her experience.

"He didn't hit me, he didn't hurt me...but maybe the next person will be different," she said.