Montgomery County police crack down on talking and texting drivers

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Meet Sgt. Phil Chapin of the Montgomery County police force - a cop who spends most of his days staring at people's hands.

Why? Because in his unit, talkers and texters are the "most wanted."

In October, the state of Maryland made holding a phone while driving - whether to talk or send a text - illegal.

Since that date, Montgomery County police have stopped more than 2,800 drivers for the offense - and the crackdown continues.

A citation is not cheap - texting while driving will cost you at least $70, and talking while driving will set you back $83.

Sgt. Chapin said, it's a worthwhile cause.

"Being in traffic, we make a difference," Sgt. Chapin said. "And that's what we're doing. I mean, if we save one life a year, our job's totally worth it."

"It's distracted driving - 100 percent," he added. "I think if we enforce it, and the officers do their job, I think the word is going to get out, and people are going to talk, and they're going to stop doing it."