Montgomery County mobile speed cameras set for deployment

(Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr)

In Montgomery County, fixed-location speed cameras have been around long enough that most drivers know not only where they are, but how to beat them.

It's a trend that county Police Chief Thomas Manger told our partners at WTOP is now out to curtail.

On Wednesday, Chief Manger announced a new strategy to defeat that practice, introducing a plan to use more mobile speed cameras across the county.

"We're planning to put those strategically after the fixed cameras where people might speed up again," Chief Manger said.

Drivers in the area are quick to acknowledge their habits of slowing down and speeding up near the camera zones.

"They drive up, then slow down, slam on the brakes and zoom off," driver Delbert Morales said.

In one instance near a speed camera in Olney, at least two cars were spotted slowing down to the 30 mph speed limit near the camera, then rapidly accelerating to as fast as 43 mph after leaving the zone.

The move, though, has residents wondering whether the enforcement is more about money than safety.

"We've got enough problems getting home at night time as it is," driver Joe Peebles said. Other voiced concerns about fines.

"I wish the fees weren't so high," Morales said. "I wish the ticket wasn't so high."

Beyond the fines, though, drivers know they'll have to work on a new strategy once mobile speed cameras begin to lurk.