Montgomery County hit hard with Monday snowfall

(WJLA) - Monday's late winter storm brought significant snowfall totals to parts of Montgomery County, Md.

The higher elevation meant places like Damascus and Germantown saw as much as 10 inches.

That meant a day off for federal worker Tom Sugars.

"I think I needed to be off, to move all this snow," he told ABC7. "It would have been terrible to have been out on the streets. Even though the county did a good job, if everyone had been out on the road it would've been a mess."

Sugars and his wife spent the morning digging out -- a job they said they are tired of doing.

"I had my grandchildren out and we were playing in the backyard yesterday with the sun out, and it was wonderful, and I said -- it's not gonna snow, it's too pretty, but it did," he added.

Another family nearby had to dig out all the snow materials they had put away, sure that the worst of winter was behind them.

"We had put away all the shovels, salt, everything had been put away," said Lekesia Dempsey. "We figured that the last one was the last one...but it's not. It's not."

Montgomery County school teacher Lisa Schrader loves this weather -- and a snow day with no school -- but she told ABC7 she's worried about the consequences of all this time off.

"I do know we have to have 180 teaching days in Montgomery County Public Schools, and private schools too, so I'm a little concerned about that...but it's still great," she said.

Meanwhile in Germantown, Brian Haggerty dug out his truck early, hoping to make the job easier:{ }{ }

"I'm just cleaning it off before it freezes overnight underneath it. Usually all that stuff will melt and turn into frozen really thick ice."