Montgomery County gets school bus cameras

The costly pitch to put cameras in Montgomery County school buses is now a done deal.

On Tuesday, legislation for the cameras passed unanimously. Soon drivers will be caught on camera if they try and pass a stopped school bus.

Montgomery County school buses transport 100,000 students a day without incident, but officials say a child could be struck easily.

"A child was killed going around a school bus," said Anne Cahanin, a friend of the family of the child killed.

Under the legislation, when a violation occurs, the automated camera will send the video electronically to Montgomery County Police for review.

At $5,000-8,000 each, the cameras will be mounted on the outside of buses on a rotating basis. The County says the maximum $250 fine will help pay for the cost of the program.

Some say it is just another way for the County to dig deeper into drivers' pockets. Others say the fine is nothing compared to the price you pay if something happens.

"Certainly $250 is a drop in the bucket if someone gets hurt. There's no price you can put on that," said parent Cheryl Anderson.