Montgomery County firefighter caught in police prostitution sting on

Montgomery County firefighter caught in police prostitution sting on (ABC7)

A Montgomery County firefighter and a corrections officer were caught in an undercover prostitution sting after responding to an ad placed by police on, according to District Court documents obtained by ABC7 News.

Eric Michael Smolinsky, 33, of Baltimore, and Godson Appiah were both charged with two counts during the bust.

According to police, Smolinksy exchanged text messages with an undercover Prince George’s County Police officer posing as a prostitute.

Police posted this message on May 23 on

Hanging out in College Park. Come see me! 26
Want to partying and hang out. Bring gifts and I’ll make it worth your while
Kitty Kat

According to the court document, Smolinsky texted the following:

Hey babe…Do you offer uncovered for clean disease free white 33 year old?

Further text messages between Smolinsky and the detective established where to meet as well as rates for services and time, $60 for 15 minutes, $100 for 30 minutes, and $120 for an hour, according to the court documents.

When Smolinsky arrived in the parking lot at the Red Roof Inn at 9137 Baltimore Avenue in College Park at 11:07 p.m., the detective texted him the room number, 248.

The detective reported that when Smolinsky entered the room he hugged her and grabbed her buttocks with his left hand. Smolinsky handed the detective $60 and began to undress, becoming completely nude.

Smolinsky was not arrested, but the detective said in the court documents that “his information was obtained for future action. We obtained his driver’s license in room #248 which identified him as Smolinsky, Eric Michael.”

The District Court of Maryland for Prince George's County ordered Smolinsky to appear on July 13 at 10:30 a.m.

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