Montgomery County farm giving injured animals new life

A local farm is giving new life to injured animals in Montgomery County.

"She's a goose that was rescued ... she has a bad wing so she can't fly," said Terry Cummings, Director Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

Like the goose, many of the rescued animals there are lucky to be alive.

"She was getting ready to be sacrificed by a Santeria practitioner. She fell off a truck probably going to an auction to be sold for veal,” she said.

The 430-acre Poolesville farm runs solely on donations and has one critical distinction -- none of its animals will go to market at the end of the season.

Cumming says she is not raising the animals for any specific purpose, but rather to afford them the chance to live out their whole lives.

"Every single animal here has a name. Every chicken, every cow," she said.

Since taking over the farm in 1994, she and her husband Dave have focused on rehabilitating neglected, abused or abandoned farm animals, left for dead.

Today, the farm is home to more than 200 animals, but their fate varied dramatically. 

"She's blind in her right eye, that's Sal," Cummings said about a horse.

The oldest animal is 37-year-old Gloria, abused by her former owner by having her head tied her hoof.

Four-year-old Harrison was found as a chick, with four others, inside a trash bag at a shopping center parking lot. But all of the animals make up the Poplar farms family.

Leah Peralta left her job in corporate America to work at the animal sanctuary.

"It's really nice to see that they have a good life here and they’re taken care of,” she said.

If you want to tour the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary as part of this weekend’s Montgomery County Farms Tour, click here.

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