Montgomery County Council could see sharp pay raise

      ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Salaries for some of Montgomery County's highest paid government officials could see a sharp increase.

      A seven-member citizen committee made up of six Democrats and one Republican spent the last six months comparing Montgomery County to other similar-sized jurisdictions. Together, it compiled a 42-page report recommending raises of up to 17 percent.

      The proposal involves 12 county leaders,{}including State's Attorney John McCarthy, who would see a salary of $208,000 by January 2015, a 4-percent raise.

      Sheriff Darren Popkin's income would also jump by 4 percent to $161,000 by next December. County Executive Ike Leggett would take home $190,000, a 5-percent raise, by next Christmas.

      But nothing beats the nine-member County Council. It's suggested President Nancy Navarro{}begin earning $137,000, a 17-percent raise. During that same time frame, all eight Council members would take home $125,000, also a 17-percent raise.

      "I don't mind them getting a raise," says Ana Gergely, who lives in Montgomery County. "You're all up there working for us, too, but 17 percent! That's a bit much."

      "If I get a better quality government or a better quality person in the government and if it costs a little more in taxes, it's money well spent," says Cayon Mangrum, a Montgomery County college student.

      If the proposal is approved, it would cost taxpayers an extra $217,000 a year. The raises will only apply to officials voted in during next November's election.{}

      Members of the Council Council were not available for comment Friday.{}