Montgomery County Council approves $500,000 transit network study

A new transportation option may become a reality in Montgomery County.

Last week, the county council approved a $500,000 study and preliminary planning for a new transit network.

It's just one solution that could help commuters get around faster and with ease.

The county is pushing forward with improving travel for commuters, as the region continues to grow. One option that's under consideration is bus rapid transit, a network similar to light rail, which would be integrated into the current infrastructure.

Monday, Council President Nancy Navarro announced that $500,000 had been approved for further studies into the project.

According to the county website, some corridors under closer evaluation include Rockville Pike and US-29. The routes are expected to cover a total of 150 miles.

Tightening budgets are being blamed for delays with other transportation projects like the purple line, but Navarro said she's hopeful that the state can help boost revenue.{ }

The planning commission is expected to present its findings some time this summer or fall. Also at that time, the public will get their chance to weigh-in.

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