Montgomery County considers installing cameras on buses

A video shot four days ago shows motorists blatantly ignoring a Montgomery County school bus stop sign.

The video was shot by Andrew Cohen at his children's Silver Spring bus stop. The 37-year-old father caught at least two drivers ignoring the safety measure.

He says he is fed up with dangerous drivers.

“It's more often that cars are just going by and they don't care,” Cohen says. “There have been times that parents are flipped off by people in the cares because they don't care.”

The county is considering installing cameras on several dozen school buses. They would cost $5,000 each.

If a motorist is caught blowing through a stop sign, they could be ticketed as much as $250.

According to a 2011 Maryland State Department of Education survey, in just one day, more than 7,000 drivers ignored the stop signs statewide.

Motorists have mixed feelings about the necessity of the cameras and the amount people could be fined.

“I've seen so many cars passing school buses that there really does need to be a reminder,” says one woman.