Monrovia residents oppose development proposal

MONROVIA, Md. (WJLA) -- It’s the battle of the signs -- between one announcing a proposed new Monrovia town center, and several other yellow signs opposing it. Some residents in this town of 5,000 say that the planned new development is just too much.

"We all have lives here and it just doesn't seem fair that they can just come in and just convert our neighborhood," says one Monrovia resident.

The proposal is to build some 1,500 homes along with a commercial strip on a 450-acre tract of farmland near the intersection of Green Valley and Fingerboard roads.

Opponents have organized a group called “RALE” and are fighting the move. One of their main concerns? That there just isn’t the infrastructure to handle the boom in population. They aren’t against development exactly, but against overdevelopment and potential overpopulation.

Blaine Young is the President of the Frederick County Commissioners, and he says the infrastructure will be taken care of – just not up front. He also adds that this kind of development is the county’s future. According to Young, it’s been planned for decades.

"That's where people want to live," he says. "You just can't have the attitude that once I move here, that's it, no one else can move here and enjoy what I now have."

"It's hard when you're just the little guys," says one opponent. "We're just people trying to figure out how to keep our lives as close as possible to what we moved here for."