Monarch Med Spa shut down after patient dies from infection

File photo: © 2010 by James Mutter, used under a Creative Commons NonCommercial license.

A Baltimore-area cosmetic surgery facility that provided liposuction, among other treatments, has been shut down after a patient died from an invasive infection contracted after undergoing a procedure there,{ }

Infections from the bacteria, which cause strep throat, are typically mild unless they get into the blood, lungs or muscles, said health officials in a statement.

No one responded when an ABC7 reporter knocked on the spa door.

The company told the Baltimore Sun its "primary concern is for the safety and well-being of all our patients and we extend our deepest sympathy to deceased patient's family."

A couple women who work at a frame shop a couple doors down were shocked over the death.

"I did not know that you didn’t' have to have any kind of licence to do that,” said Amy Schuele, who through the media found out the health department does not regulate cosmetic surgery centers.

In light of the incident, health officials said they are looking for ways to regulate and monitor these types of facilities, which also do breast implants and tummy tucks.

“Liposuction is a surgery and I certainly wouldn't do it in a spa,” said Dana Gillett, one of the women at the frame shop.

After an initial inspection, the health department reports it found some inconsistencies in infection control practices.

Health officials wouldn’t say how long the investigation will take.

"We need time to really look at a possible source of infection and…want to prevent further spread,” said Monique Lyle, spokeswoman for Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services.

After hearing all the details about the incidents, the women back at the shop are not sure beauty is really that worth it.

"An operation is always risky, no matter what it is,” Margy Hopkins said.

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