Mohammad Sharif Yazdani, who suffers from Alzheimer's, missing

A Fairfax County family is putting out an urgent plea for help after their father disappeared—the 64 year old has Alzheimer’s and was last seen in his Mount Vernon home two weeks ago.

Police have sent out helicopters, Blood Hounds and several search parties—but, so far, there have been so leads.

Mohammad Sharif Yazdani went missing a couple days before Hurricane Sandy struck. His family is praying for his safe return.

Myra Yazdani is desperate for answers—one minute, her father is safe at home, and the next, he’s gone.

“I mean how far could he have gotten on foot?” Myra said.

Yazdani wandered off from his Alexandria home on October 24th. His wife ran upstairs to the use the restroom and when she came back down, she could not find him. Fairfax County Police helped comb his neighborhood off Havenwood Place—along with the nearby Mount Vernon Woods. Two weeks later, there are still no leads on the missing man.

Three years ago, the 64 year-old discovered he had Alzheimer’s. He may appear confused or disoriented. He also speaks limited English.

There's been a huge effort to bring him home. Nearly 100 people from several counties have taken part in multiple ground searches and hand out missing person flyers.

Yazdani says what she's learned from the torture of waiting, is if you see a missing person poster—Stop, you never know if your loved one could appear on the next one.

“You just pray and hope that somebody will really look…Please, please keep an eye out. Just look. My dad was amazing my whole life. The thought of this being the outcome is hard to live with,” Myra said.

There will be another search this Saturday starting at 9 am. Volunteers are meeting around the woods near Mount Vernon Elementary.