Mohamed Bah, found naked on fire engine, allegedly connected to shooting

A man found naked at the end of a fire engine ladder in Prince George’s County on Wednesday is now believed to be connected to a shooting, police say.

The man, Mohamed Bah, is believed to have shot and wounded a man in the 11900 block of Beltsville Drive, police say.

After the shooting, Bah was found at a grocery store in Calverton.

Firefighters, who stopped for food at the grocery store, found a naked man, Bah, on the end of their aerial ladder.

He was shouting threats and performing lewd acts.

Bah eventually came down to talk with police and police shocked him with a stun gun and he was taken to a hospital.

Police say Bah was high on PCP.

"That gentleman looked 150 pounds,” says Prince George’s County Police Major Mark Person. “I guarantee he had the strength of a 300 pound man easily.”

Police say Bah had been riding with a man when, without warning or reason, he turns and fires - hitting his lifelong friend. Panicking, the driver bails out. The car crashes into this parked vehicle. Bah then runs stripping as he goes.

“The level of his intoxication with PCP is the only true motive we can find for this unprovoked attack on our victim,” says Prince George’s County Police Capt. Jimmy Simms.