Mo Colbert's UPS deliveries almost double during holidays

Mo Colbert had been on the job since early Monday morning, but only delivered a third of his packages. The 25-year-old was young when he started driving a UPS truck.

“Being organized, being coordinated and also being polite because you’re interacting with people all day long,” he says.

Colbert is known as the guy who remembers the names of the people on his route.

“I think that connection is very important,” he says.

The connection is especially important once the busy season begins. The heavy lifting starts right after Thanksgiving. The season will last longer this year because Thanksgiving came early.

“During the regular season, 30 to 40 stops and during Christmas it can get up to 100,” says Colbert.

The number of packages almost double on his route, which is just three blocks of business high rises in Reston.

“I’d still like to make it look as though I’m not stressed where maybe on the inside I am,” he laughs.

UPS says its busiest day will be December 20 when drivers like Colbert will deliver about 28 million packages around the world. They say that’s 300 packages every second of the day.

“It’s just another peak season,” he says. “Always challenging, but it’s good to exhale when it’s all over with and you’ve made a lot of people happier.”

It’s why they pair up Colbert with a helper. The elevator is his best friend and his own shoes can barely keep up.

“You want to get enough sleep to come back and be able to do this the next day,” he says.