MLK Memorial quote change raises structural concerns, organizers say

The decision to change the quote on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is being praised by many people. But others are worried the change could end up damaging the memorial.

"Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice..."

A 47-word statement by D. Martin Luther King in 1968 became a 10-word paraphrase on the Stone of Hope and has been widely criticized by many.

The organizers of the memorial made a clear statement that they are not happy with the government's decision to put the actual quote on the monument saying, "the direction recommended by the National Park Service will in fact threaten the design, structure and integrity of the Stone of Hope."

Bill Line, the Park Service spokesman, challenged that saying, ""The National Park Service probably has the largest group of cadres of professionally trained stone masons anywhere in this country. We are confident the National Park Service can make the changes."

The Park Service accuses the organizers of having changed the quote without authorization.

"The agreed upon quote was in fact the longer quote," Line said.

Shinada Wynter, a New York college student, agreed that the quote should be King's original words.

"I think [King] needs to be quoted the way he said it," Wynter said. "How are we going to write history and write it [incorrectly]."