MLB Playoffs 2012: Nationals fans bring lucky charms to game

(Photo: Horace Holmes)

When they opened the gates for what could be the final time this season at Nats Park Thursday, fans filed in hoping for the best.

But just in case, many fans came with a little something extra to help the team, which now has its back against the wall turn its fortunes around.

So many people came to the park with their favorite charm, potion or doll.

In a win or go home game today against the St. Louis Cardinals the Nats took the field mired in a horrendous team batting slump. Blanked by the Cards yesterday, Hugh Kaufman of D.C., formerly a Senators supporter and now a huge Nats fan, decided he would use a little magic to chase the evil spirits out of Nats Park by sacrificing a rubber chicken.

“What we are doing is putting all the sins of all the fans and the players and putting it on the chicken,” Kaufman says. “We will cut the head off sacrificing the chicken and all will be well again.”

All fans want to do is help their team after yesterday's terrible loss.

And now that the air is clear, it's up to the players to take care of business Thursday so they can play on Friday.