Mitt Romney campaign sign set ablaze

Wednesday afternoon, Libby Stevens installed a political sign supporting Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney in the yard of her Leesburg home. It is her second attempt to show support.

Someone set her first sign on fire, leaving only two poles and charred grass.

"I thought someone would steal it. I never thought anyone would set it on fire," Stevens said.

An ambulance driver passing Stevens' home was the first to see the flames and alerted the family.

"That's way beyond vandalism to me to set something on fire in someone's front yard, just a few feet from their home with a bunch of dried leaves," Stevens said.

Loudoun County Supervisor Ken Reid, a Republican, said the arson went well beyond anything he's ever seen done to an election sign - no matter the candidate.

"I was horrified…., Reid added.

While Stevens can’t believe someone would come on her property with the intention of setting something ablaze, she's no stranger to someone tampering with her signs.

Over the past weeks, smaller posters placed on her fence have been stolen three times.

Finally fed up, she filed a police report.

“It's scary and shameful. What kind of country do we live in that you can’t put a sign in your yard?” she says.

Stephens says her neighbor's signs supporting President Barack Obama were stolen but not set aflame.

Diane Matthews has Democratic campaign signs by her sidewalk. She couldn’t believe what happened across the street.

“I think it's stupidity and that’s all I can say,” she says.