Mirlande Wilson says she lost the winning Mega Millions ticket

Mirlande Wilson says she lost the ticket that could be worth more than $100 million. (Photo: ABC7)

The Maryland woman who claims to have chosen a winning Mega Millions ticket now says she lost the ticket.

Mirlande Wilson earlier told people that she hid the ticket at the McDonald’s where she works. She has at turns evaded the media and spoken publicly about the ticket. The 37-year-old also said she just wants to be left alone.

On Thursday, Maryland lottery officials held a press conference to announce that no one has come forward with the winning ticket. There were three winning tickets for the historic $656 million winning ticket. The winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas.

“Here's is the fact - the ticket hasn't been claimed,” says Stephen Martino, the director of the Maryland Lottery. "No one has contacted us."

Lottery officials reviewed surveillance from the 7-Eleven but say it's out of sync with real time. They won’t say if they saw Wilson on the tape at all.

Wilson, who works at a nearby McDonald's, bought tickets for a group of fellow employees. But the winning ticket was a single purchase.

Lottery officials say they held a news conference out of concern Wilson may prevent the real winner from coming forward inadvertently.

If someone who actually has the winning ticket in error believes the ticket has been claimed then they may very well dispose of the winning ticket.

Maryland lottery officials affirm the mystery surrounding the mega millions winner may never be solved publicly. Even if Wilson has the winning ticket and claims her millions, she may then choose to remain anonymous.