Miriam Amal talks about 'domestic' Fouzia Haddag

(WJLA) - The daughter of the Alexandria couple charged with human trafficking takes us inside the home currently at the center of an FBI investigation.

"This is my room," Miriam Adal points out. "And this was her bedroom..."

Amal is referring to the bedroom of Fouzia Haddag, described by the FBI as a “domestic.” She was reportedly held inside this Kingstowne townhouse and forced to work for three years – earning just $9,000 during that entire time, according to charging documents.

"It was a complete shock," says Amal, who adds that her father, Abdelkader Amal – the former Assistant Defense Attache to the Moroccan Embassy – has an immaculate reputation.

"Sometimes me and mother used to get into it because I used to get jealous," says Miriam.

She reveals that the close family dynamic began to unravel about three-and-a-half years ago, when allegedly Haddag’s green card expired and the Amals wanted her renewal done by the books.

"They were trying to explain to her she would have to go back to Morocco -- from there, re-apply so that she is not here illegally," explains Miriam.

Amal claims that Haddig then started panicking, believing she was being sent back. It was then, she says, that she started making desperate attempts to stay.

In fact, the Amals claim that Haddag moved in with a man she didn’t even know, and when that didn’t work, she sued the family in civil court. According to the family, the case was dismissed.

But according to the Amals, Haddag is illiterate and cannot speak English, and perhaps did not realize how deep in she was:

"It was too big of a monster that she had built up," says Miriam. "Now investigations have gone forward. Let the cards fall where they may."