Mikie's cook fights off gun-toting robber

Mike Ourmand fought off a robber. (Photo: WJLA)

Mikie's is a true roadside diner on Crain Highway. They serve old fashion food and Wednesday served a little old fashion justice.

Micheal Ourand has been the cook here just over a year. But Wednesday morning, he was forced to transform from cook to crime fighter.

Ourand says a man walked into Mikie's on Crain Highway with a 12-gauge shotgun around 6 a.m. The man didn’t say anything, only pointed to where he wanted Ourand to go.

"I was behind the grill prepping for the morning. And he came around the corner on me with a 12 gauge,” he says.

Ourand says he fought the suspect for the gun before the would-be robber took off empty-handed.

"I put my hands up but he was so close to me that when I made my first step, I grab the shotgun (and) hit him,” Ourand says. “He didn't fall right away."

"As we were fighting, I was desperately trying to control this gun. I got a chance where I got it, I pulled the trigger … But nothing happened. It didn't go off or nothing," Ourand says.

But chef crime-fighter. didn't let go, turning the butt of the gun on the assailant.

He says that enraged the masked gunman.

"Plan B. I took my knife out, put it next his throat, I told him I'd cut his head off,” Ourand says. “He wasn't quite believe me. I put a little pressure on it. He let go."

Anne Arundel County police now have the gun and considerable DNA evidence and recommend when facing an armed bandit, don't do what Ourand did. Give in to demands.

One Mikie's regular is a bit shaken. Others toast chef Mike.

"You do what you have to do,"{ } says one customer.

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