Mickey Jones' killer sought in Spotsylvania County

THORNBURG, Va. (WJLA) - The search is on for a killer in Spotsylvania County after an employee was found dead at Attkisson Truck and Equipment Sales in Thornburg on Friday.{ }

Mickey Jones worked at Attkisson as a mechanic for the past five years.

The father of two was found dead of a gunshot wound Friday morning outside a trailer behind a garage.

Mary and William Attkisson, who own the business and hired Jones, say he had been living in the trailer for a while. They say Jones was at work on Thursday and everything seemed to be fine.

Captain Jeff Pearce of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office says investigators have no suspects and cannot comment on a possible motive.

“As far as anything nefarious, that’s all under investigation. That question remains open,” Pearce says.

The Attkissons are hoping for answers and a resolution.

“Praying they found out who killed him,” says Mary Atkisson.

“I just hope they catch who in the heck done it is what I’m hoping,” says William Atkisson.

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