Michael Rusinack charged in alleged Woodbridge murder-for-hire plot

Rusinack was charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. (Photo: Prince William County Police)

In the Woodbridge neighborhood where an alleged murder for hire plot was foiled, neighbors are stunned by the details spelled out in court documents that Michael Rusinack wanted to pay someone $2,000 to beat or kill his 28-year-old step-son.

The contact Rusinack made with the prospective hitman was actually an undercover Prince William County detective.

Rusinack is accused of providing instructions on how the hit should happen.

According to sources,{ }Rusinack was angry with his stepson for allegedly taking a car, tools, jewelry and giftcards.

He posted his rage on Facebook, including this item.."Share this if you know someone who is alive today simply because you don't want to go to prison."

Wendle Barker says he's been a victim of Rusinack's temper.

"He picked up a rock out of the middle of yard and threw it clear across the road and hit the side of the van," Barker says.

While he awaits a court date set for June 13, 2012, he is being held without bond in the Prince William County Adult Detention Center.

"He hated my nephew's guts," Mark Crump, Rusinack's brother-in-law, said. "He just hated him with a passion."

A relative of Marybeth said the suspect and Marybeth were not legally married.