Michael Reese, shooting victim, remembered by family

PALMER PARK, Md. (WJLA) - Loved ones held a candlelight vigil Saturday evening for a man shot to death last week in Bowie.

Police have arrested Vincent Martin and charged him with the murder of Michael Reese, but a second suspect, Demarco James, is still on the run.

It was an intimate, emotional gathering outside the Bowie home where Reese, 27, was killed.

“It’s just hurtful because they took someone that we love dearly and he didn’t deserve that at all,” says Adrienne Flowers, his cousin.

Candles illuminated the driveway of the home along the 2500 block of Nicol Circle. Family members say they don’t know why Reese was gunned down in his sleep.

“We just know he was murdered here and that’s all we know,” says Latoya Smith, Reese’s sister-in-law. “I guess we won’t know much until the trial comes forward.”

Police say around 6 a.m. last Sunday two men, both from Northeast Washington, entered the home. One shot and killed Reese. The other, investigators say, was an accomplice.

Authorities say the gunman’s ex-girlfriend lived in the house. The family says Reese had a relationship with his two attackers, but they are at a loss to explain what specifically triggered the shooting.

“My heart is breaking right now because I can’t believe he is gone,” Flowers says.

“That’s the thing we’re here for, to remember his memory and to honor him,” says Frederick Smith, Reese’s brother-in-law. “Trying to have some closure for everything.”