Michael Kingsbury funeral, Friday at Bethesda Baptist Church

Family and friends gathered Friday to remember seven-year-old Michael Kingsbury. The boy with severe autism was found dead in an abandoned car after he disappeared from his home earlier this month.

Funeral services took place at Bethesda Baptist Church in Northeast D.C.

Michael's mother read the poem "Don't Cry for Me" through tears.

As a family and community bid their final goodbyes to Michael, whose recent disappearance and death gripped a neighborhood and the city, there was little peace.

Marvin Kingsbury, a cousin, said they buried Michael without a sense of closure. Michael was reported missing by his mother on Sunday. An all-out search ensued. Thirty hours later, he was found inside an inoperable car just forty feet from his home.

Previously, the department said officers checked the car and didn't see anything. It wasn't until a veteran detective took a hard look at the car again that Michael was found.

Sources tell ABC 7 that Michael found was face down with his hands under his face on the back floor of the car and was difficult to see. A source also said though, that owner of the car said when the car was parked there, the driver's door couldn't be locked so it was open.

Multiple sources said when officers found Michael, all of the doors were locked.