Michael Johnson sentenced to 115 years

Michael Johnson was sentenced Thursday.

"Today represents sort of a new freedom for my family and I," says Angell Williams.

The man Angell Williams says forced her and her children to live as prisoners will now be a prisoner for a very long time. 33-year-old Michael Johnson is actually her ex-husband, and has been sentenced to 115 years behind bars; he will serve 85.

Among other indictments, Johnson was convicted in June of stalking his ex-wife.

"When you're being stalked, you're never sure of your environment.," says Williams. "You always have to pay attention to everything. There are no care-free days for you."

Prosecutors say Johnson terrorized his ex-wife and family primarily with e-mail. Documents show dozens of e-mails that spanned through the summer – like the one in July of 2012, where he tells her:

"There will be no peace for you. I will have folks comin' over there until you move."

Johnson used the web to post fake profiles posing as his ex-wife and soliciting sex. So many men would come to her door that she was forced to post a sign. Days later, he told her in another email:

"The longer you keep this up, more and more people will see your picture posted with your address and before long you will be known as the biggest tramp in the DMV…"

Williams says that last year, she didn't sleep: "I had to stay awake at night so my children could sleep."

The threats got to be so graphic that some of them we cannot even show on television. In one of them, Johnson tells her: "I know PG police are gong to kill me after I kill you, but I'm ready for death -- are you?"

Williams says she and her children felt like refugees in their own home.

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