Michael Brown says more than $110,000 missing from campaign account

Michael A. Brown (Courtesy Jay Korff)

WASHINGTON (AP/ABC7) - A D.C. councilmember running for re-election says more than $110,000 has gone missing from his campaign account.

Michael A. Brown revealed in June that a campaign staffer had been stealing from his account and that authorities were pursuing the case. But he declined to reveal the dollar amount until late Monday night, when he filed amended campaign finance reports.

The reports show more than $110,000 in "unexplained expenditures" to Hakim Sutton, Brown's former campaign treasurer who was fired after Brown discovered the theft.

During a Tuesday press conference, Brown said, "Clearly I was wrong to have trusted that person, and I am deeply regretful."

Brown added that he does not know why the money was taken or what it was used to purchase.

"We are confident that the target of this investigation will be arrested, prosecuted and convicted," Brown continued.

The theft essentially wiped out all the money that Brown had raised for his campaign. He has since raised another $30,000, and he says he is confident the missing money will be recovered.

He stressed that the incident should not reflect poorly upon his judgement and leadership.

Brown, an at-large independent, is seeking a second term and faces several challengers.