Michael Brown, former D.C. Councilmember, could get more than 3 years in prison

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal prosecutors want former District of Columbia Councilmember Michael Brown, who has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, to serve more than three years in prison.

The Washington Post reports that court documents filed Thursday ahead of Brown's sentencing next month portray Brown as "driven by greed, entitlement, and self-interest." Brown pleaded guilty last year to accepting $55,000 from undercover FBI agents posing as businessmen and later acknowledged taking more than $100,000 from a donor.

In a separate filing, Brown's attorneys ask for a lighter sentence - less than prosecutors' suggested 43 months and the 37-month minimum - because of his council service and cooperation in an investigation that led to businessman Jeffrey Thompson's plea. But prosecutors say he wasn't wholly forthcoming and doesn't deserve a lighter sentence.