Michael Anthony Holden, Michael Deleno Christian charged in NPS PCP case

Two National Park Service employees are facing a litany of charges after they were caught allegedly using PCP while in a garbage truck near Union Station.

A Metropolitan Police Department report says that two men, Michael Anthony Holden and Michael Deleno Christian, face several charges, including DUI, failure to obey a lawful order and assault on a police officer.

The incident happened on April 6 near the intersection of North Capitol Street and K Street NE. On that afternoon, two MPD officers came across a National Park Service garbage truck sitting still on westbound K Street, despite a clear intersection and a green light.

When they approached in the heart of rush hour, police say they encountered the driver, Holden, a passenger,{ } Christian, and the odor of a "dipper" cigarette dipped in what they say was PCP. When one officer asked why they weren't driving, the report says Christian turned to them slowly and said, "Man, we just chilling" while Holden stared blankly into space.

After the officers went to the other side of the truck to talk to Holden, they noticed that Christian had gotten out of the truck and started to jog away slowly with deliberate steps, which police say is consistent with the use of PCP. When they chased him down, the report says that Christian elbowed one officer in the chest before being apprehended.

Police then say that Holden had to be forcibly removed from the truck after refusing the officer's orders to get out. Once out of the truck, police say he began swinging his arms at the cop, causing injuries to both responding officers.

All while the struggle was happening, though, the garbage truck, now vacated, began to roll backwards down K Street toward pedestrians and other cars. One officer was forced to jump into the truck and stop it.

Police also say that once Holden was at a police station, he was unable to complete sobriety tests.

PCP is reportedly not uncommon among people arrested in the District. Police statistics show that the percentage of people testing positive after being arrested has jumped in five years from 17 percent to 38 percent.