'Molotov' lyrics cause controversy before Fillmore show

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) -- A Mexican band that goes by the name of Molotov will be performing on August 26 for fans at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. At the same time, it’s likely that crowds will gather outside for another reason.

“We really want to be here the night of the concert and inform concert-goers why words matter, why they can be hateful," explains Evan Glass, a board member of Equality Maryland.

Glass says he and other members plan to rally due to the band’s offensive words in a song, which was initially brought to their attention by law students at American University.

“They did some research and found out that the band had some pretty violent homophobic lyrics," he says.

Even County Executive Ike Leggett weighed in. Earlier this month, Leggett sent a letter to Fillmore’s management, saying he wanted them to reconsider booking the band. He wrote:

"Bringing what I believe to be hateful sentiments into our County does nothing to contribute positively to our culture, tolerance, or the well-being of our County residents.”

However, management has no plans to cancel the band's performance, releasing a statement that reads:

“The Fillmore presents a wide variety of music, comedy and other entertainment for a demographic that makes up a diverse community. The views expressed by all of our acts are not necessarily shared by the venue or staff."

The band posted on its website a message to the LGBT community saying that the song in question was never meant to be disrespectful. They say it was written in the late 1990’s to describe the situation in Mexico.