Metropolitan Police Department to begin issuing $75 citations for littering

D.C. police to start issuing littering tickets. Photo': ABC 7 file photo.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Police officers with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will be enforcing the city’s anti-littering laws as part of a citywide effort to curb litter in the District.

Anyone spotted littering on a public D.C. street, in waterways, or on private property by a police officer will be fined a $75 Notices of Violation (NOV).

According to MPD, anyone who receives the citation is required to give the officer their name and address. Those who refuse to do so can be arrested and possibly fined an additional $100 to $250 if convicted in D.C. Superior Court. Anyone who fails to pay the fine or appeal the ticket will be issued a double fine.

Motorists are not exempt from the laws either. Officers can hand out $100 traffic tickets if they observe a driver or passenger toss trash into the street, on a sidewalk or other public space, or private property.

MPD issued warnings to residents about littering back in August.