Metrobus stabbing in SE D.C. leaves two wounded

Photo: Metro Transit Police

Tonight police are searching for several men who attacked two woman on a Metrobus overnight. There was some kind of argument on the bus traveling along Martin Luther King Avenue. That’s when one of the men pulled out a knife and attacked.

The bus stop where Talisha Judd waits with her three children tonight was a crime scene some 14 hours earlier. Overnight video shows police boarding the 93 Metrobus, searching for the man who left a female rider bloodied.

“Wow, I think that’s really bad. There could have been kids on the bus. I think that’s really bad that that happened to a woman,” says Judd.

Police say the suspects got onto the bus near 18th and Columbia in Adams Morgan. Once they got to 8th and G streets SE, the two women got into an argument with one of the suspects.

A Metro spokesperson says it was just after 2 a.m. when the argument started as the bus was headed toward Congress Heights. As things got heated, the man allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman several times and then hit another female passenger in the head.

Hearing the commotion, the bus driver brought the bus to a stop and then realized the woman had been stabbed. The driver called police, but not before the suspects took off. Tonight passengers say this is just one more instance that has them questioning their safety.

“Recently I’ve been hearing a few stories about things like that happening so I’m not even sure anymore,” says Cliff Hinson.

“When I travel I travel with my children so we just try to be precautious and get on and get off and I hope it just doesn’t ever happen while we are on the bus,” says Stephen Smith.

All suspects are described to be tall and in their early twenties. One is described to have a dark complexion. He was wearing dark jeans and a ski mask covering the lower part of his face. The second suspect is described to have a medium complexion, dreads, a dark coat and dark jeans. The third is said to have a medium complexion and was wearing a winter hat. The fourth suspect is described to be a little taller with a medium complexion. He was wearing a light colored hat.

Anyone with information should call police.