Metrobus passenger shot in NE

At least three gunshots turned a U-6 Metro bus into a moveable crime scene early Sunday.

Police say the gunfire, at 37th Street near Ely Place in SE Washington, left a male passenger in stable condition, with bullet wounds to his hand and arm.

"They were after somebody on that bus. They're not going to just shoot at a bus," says a man who identified himself only as Thomas.

Police say around 6:30 Sunday morning, a man walked up to the bus, indicated he did not want a ride, and then pulled out a gun and began shooting.

"This is crazy," says Robert Gardner, a Baltimore resident visiting his mother.

"Folks around here don't have no respect for people's lives and stuff."

Investigators say at least three shots punched holes through a bus window. They say the driver drove the bus to Benning Road and East Capitol Street to get away from the gunfire.

The wounded man, hit in the hand and the arm was able to walk off the bus, a Metro spokesman says.

No one else was hurt.

The shooting comes just over three weeks after 22-year old Demetrius Thompson was fatally wounded while riding a Metro bus near Alabama Avenue and 24th Street.

Two suspects, who appeared on a bus surveillance video, were later captured in Florida. Investigators say the shooting stemmed from an argument moments before.

In Sunday's shooting, residents suspected a gang-turf dispute was the cause.

Says Thomas "The way these drug boys are around here, you owe 'em money, they going to do whatever they can to get it".

The unidentified victim is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Metro says it's examining surveillance tapes in hopes of gathering information about the shooter.