Metrobus driver caught driving with newspaper

A D.C. Metrobus driver was caught driving with a newspaper in hand. It happened during a Monday morning rush hour on a bus headed westbound from Dupont Circle.

The video was posted Thursday on the blog Unsuck DC Metro. WMATA issued this statement.

“The incident is under investigation We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.”

A WMATA representative added that typically, drivers under investigation are taken off the road until the issue has been resolved.

Lindsay Katz, a Metro rider, was shocked when she saw the footage.

“Probably not the safest method for transportation,” she says.

It all comes after dozens of reports of Metro drivers running red lights, flying through intersections, slamming into cars and even hitting pedestrians while riders are being asked to pay more.

Yet a new report released by Metro shows 84 percent of riders are highly satisfied with the bus service. It also stated that 73 percent say the bus service is reliable and 79 percent say they'd recommend it.

Even the person who posted the video was satisfied with Metro's quick response.

A separate report out this week shows that Metro ridership and revenue since July has been significantly less than WMATA anticipated.

They blame changes in the federal transit benefit program and fare hikes for the drop.