Metro wait times in Northern Va. could worsen after Silver Line debut

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - For riders at Rosslyn, the most reliable trends seem to be tied to unreliable service – including long waits and chaotic commutes.

Amani Alwahhavi has been living in Arlington and commuting to D.C. for about a year now.

"I have to wait like 15 minutes between trains, which is too much," he says.

And wait times across Northern Virginia could become even longer once the Silver Line is open for business.

Fairfax County Board Supervisor Jeff McKay says that to prepare for the Silver Line, riders at the Franconia-Springfield Station are already seeing fewer Blue Line trains, and are instead sometimes seeing unfamiliar Yellow Line trains, which is confusing and frustrating.

And at Rosslyn, he says, the Silver Line will mean more riders but not more trains:

"You can add as much extension as you want to the Metro system, but if you don't fix the capacity issues there's only so many trains you can get across the river at one time."

The idea of additional Metro river crossings was discussed today during a roundtable talk on transportation led by Senator Tim Kaine, who is well aware of the Silver Line’s struggles.

"It's so big and complicated -- there are going to be challenges," he says.

But he also does see its foreseeable benefits:

"Immediately upon opening, it's gonna be heavily used."

This is why for many, an additional crossing into Virginia would be a commuter’s dream come true.