Maryland's Purple Line moving forward, will tear down more Md. homes

Image: Maryland Transit Administration

Plans for Maryland's Purple Line are moving forward, but now the plans call for more homes to be torn down.

Some homeowners are okay with the news, but others are upset they will have to relocate.

The 16-mile Purple Line through Montgomery and Prince George's Counties would hook up to Metro and MARC lines and is billed as a fast, quiet and convenient godsend for gridlocked motorists.

But not necessarily for homeowners along East-West Highway in Riverdale.

"Only thing I been hearing is the whole block is gonna be taken apart," says Kenneth Johnson who grew up here.

"All I know is when it happens, I'll probably gonna be moving out," says Dawn Willey. "I know they need it for progress, but it kind of stinks that I might lose my house in it."

Willey says they either want to put the light rail in a center lane or on the side. Either way, she loses.

"If it comes through, I'm kinda hoping they take the house because it won't be any good without a front yard," she says.

Maryland officials say they will try to negotiate fair purchase prices for the land needed.

"The state does have the power to condemn the property, but again that is used only as a last resort," says Mike Madden the Purple Line Project manager.

To the west, in Bethesda and Chevy Chase, the Purple Line won't take houses, but it may threaten the popular Georgetown Branch of the Capital Crescent Trail.

Even if the kinks are worked out, construction on the{ }Purple Line won't start till 2015 at the earliest.