Metro pleads for full federal funding from GOP-controlled House

A dire warning from Metro if the agency loses federal funding.

During the week of the second anniversary of Metro's deadliest crash, Metro is appealing to Congress to not cut federal funding.

Despite improvements since that crash, Metro officials say if the federal government doesn't help out with its yearly allotment of money, security and safety could be compromised.

A House subcommittee got a progress report today from Metro execs on security and safety improvements since the deadly 2009 rail crash.

Officials cited a 10 percent decrease in crime last quarter, new, random security screenings and anti-terrorism patrols, and a $5 billion dollar program to overahaul equipment, including the planned replacement of the 40-year-old rail cars involved in the Fort Totten crash, and fixing or replacing escalators.

Without that federal money-- matched dollar for dollar by local jurisdictions--Metro warns service will suffer.

"If you give them the money, they'll make the improvements," Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said.

But she warns getting it through the GOP-controlled House could be an uphill battle.