Metro: No weekend track work during Cherry Blossom season

(WJLA) - Good news! With Cherry Blossom season comes a break from Metro track work.

Metro has announced it will take a four-week break from its aggressive rebuilding efforts to accommodate those traveling during Cherry Blossom season.

"While the weekend work is necessary to rebuild the system’s infrastructure, we are in a position to take a few weekends off to allow the region’s residents and tourists to enjoy the season," said Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles

The break will take place over four consecutive weekends beginning Saturday, March 22, and continuing through Sunday, April 13.

During the day, normal weekend intervals are every 6 to 12 minutes. The only planned weekend work during this time will take place late Sunday after 10 p.m., when ridership is light.

Metro will also run more 8-car trains to provide additional capacity.

The 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off the busy tourist season in Washington and includes special events on the National Mall. It runs from March 20 through April 13.