Metro garage cited for pigeon poop

(Photo by Zigzou76/ Flickr)

Metro is in trouble in Virginia over a pigeon poop problem at its Four Miles Run bus garage.

Even from the street, you can spot the perpetrators at the garage. Metro employees were generally mum about the mischief, but one man said admitted to seeing birds in the garage and that it’s a big problem.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry has issued a citation, first reported by the Washington Examiner. When ABC7 went to the garage, pigeons were roosting in the ceilings, on ledges and air ducts.

The agency told Metro to fix the problem by May 21st, but the case remains open. The pigeons are a problem because people can catch diseases from pigeon droppings.

“Riding the bus I don't want to have a poop disease,” said Josh Minor, who lives in the District. Arlington resident Neri Martinez said the situation was disgusting.

A Metro spokesman said the agency now cleans the fueling lane every night, and twice a week during the day and sanitized the washing bay and fuel service area.

“I'm from Paris originally, so when I hear about pigeons here it's not a big deal,” said Corinne Combeau, who lives in Arlington.