Metro fare increases take effect July 1

Photo: Jay Westcott

The day that most Metro riders have dreaded is set to take effect on Saturday. On July 1, WMATA is set to roll out its latest set of fare increases.

While Metro has eliminated its "peak-of-the-peak" fare structure which tacked on extra fare during the busiest periods of rush hour, officials say that most riders can expect to see their fares rise by about 5 percent.

The fare increase includes the introduction of a 28-day unlimited Metrorail pass, which will cost riders $230 per period. The new ranges of point-to-point fares are as follows:

Off-Peak: $1.70 to $3.50
Peak: $2.10 to $5.75

In addition, those who choose to use paper farecards will pay a $1 surcharge per trip. Metro is recommending that the majority of riders use SmarTrip cards, which can now be bought at numerous new stations, including Rosslyn, Dupont Circle, Farragut West, Foggy Bottom, Reagan National Airport, Vienna, Gallery Place, Smithsonian and Union Station.

Here's the breakdown of how bus fares are changing. Fares are denoted in SmarTrip vs. cash.

{ } Old Standard New Standard Old Senior/Disabled New Senior/Disabled Regular $1.50/$1.70 $1.60/$1.80 $.75/$.80 $.80/$.90 Express $3.65/$3.85 $3.65/$4 $1.80/$1.90 $1.80/$2 Airport Route $6 $6 $3 $3

Here's the breakdown of how rail fares are changing.

{ } Old Standard New Standard New Senior/Disabled Off-Peak $1.60-$2.75 $1.70-$3.50 $1.05-$2.85 Peak $1.95-$5 $2.10-$5.75 $1.05-$2.85

The following are also being offered as part of the new fare structure.

1-Day Metrorail Pass: $14
7-Day Metrorail Pass: $57.50
28-Day Metrorail Pass: $230
7-Day Metrorail short trip Pass: $35
7-Day Regional Bus Pass: $16