Metro credit card abuse detailed in report

(Photo courtesy sovietmole via Flickr)

An internal investigation spells trouble on the tracks for Metro. According to the transit authority's inspector general, employees within Metro's planning department abused agency credit cards to the tune of $10,000 in questionable purchases last year.

On the list were several Kindle e-readers, a digital photo frame - even a pair of Dr. Dre earbuds for $179.

A glaring example of the alleged abuse surrounds an employee recognition luncheon at an unnamed restaurant for 30 employees.

The bill for food and drinks was more than $14,000, the room cost $150 and tips for the wait staff weighed in at $261.

But the gift list included 49 gift cards, eight gift baskets, six boxes of chocolates, four cutting board sets, two digital cameras, one kindle e-reader and a digital photo album. The grand total: $2,195.

The report detailed trips to grocery and retail stores and revealed a total of four kindle e-readers and more than $2,000 in gift cards are unaccounted for.

According to the report, prosecutors in D.C. declined to press charges, stating: "We are not going to be able to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt given the culture of credit abuse. They all have something to hide so credibility is an issue."

The head of Metro's planning department said in a statement: "I accepted responsibility for the procurement card irregularities in my area." And the agency said purchase card holders were fired, the agency was fully reimbursed and new controls are in place.