Metro budget proposes Metro fare hike

The new Metro budget sends the price of a ride on Metro soaring.

The proposal is to increase the fare by 5 percent for riders during the peak period.

But that's with Smartrip cards. It would cost $4 for a one way ride with a paper fare card during non-rush hour, $6 for a paper ticket during rush hour.

“If they would heighten the security in the metro system in the stations in the tunnels I can pay extra because I will feel safer,” says Malik Buchanan, a Metro passenger.

But some passengers are grumbling about the prospect of paying more to ride Metro, others are surprised by the timing.

The proposal raising the price of a bus ride 10 cents comes one day after Metro released bus videos detailing a string of collisions and dangerous driving.

Metro is plagued with mishaps.

Just last month, a piece of brake broke off a rail car and caused a major delay.

The transit system is more than a $100 million in the red while in the midst of a major overhaul of infrastructure and repairs as well as the hiring of more than a thousand employees.

“What we're doing is playing catch-up ball catch up,” says Metro General Manager Richard Sarles. “It took years to get here it's gonna take years to rebuild this system.”

Some passengers dread higher fares but are philosophical.

“You know what if people are safer I don't mind paying the extra money,” says passenger Jennifer Snyder. “But it is pretty pricey right now.”

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