Metro billboards causing problems for prosecutors

Controversial billboards in the Judiciary Square and Archives Metro stations are causing headaches for prosecutors in D.C., according to a Washington Post report.

The billboards, paid for by the Montana-based Fully Informed Jury Association, encourages jurors to hang juries if they don't agree with a law or feel a punishment is too harsh. The non-profit group funding the billboards said it usually challenges crimes that could be considered "victimless" like vandalism or gun possession.

"You have the right to 'hang' the jury with your vote if you cannot agree with other jurors," is one phrase that appears on the signs. "You may, and should, vote your conscience," is another.

District prosecutors have asked judges since the billboards went up to ensure that jurors had not seen or been influenced by the signs. In one case, prosecutors requested that the judge remind the jurors that their verdict should not be affected by whether or not they agree with the law in question.

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