Metro baby leaves hospital for home

      The baby boy who was born at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station Thursday has left the hospital to head home.

      Shavonnte Taylor, 23, was on her way to a prenatal appointment near Foggy Bottom, but little Amir Mason decided he couldn't wait any longer. He was born just after 11 a.m. on the station's platform.

      An off-duty EMT and several bystanders were at the ready to help when Taylor gave birth to 8 pound, 5 ounce Amir.

      Amir, who was two weeks early, spent a few days in the neonatal intensive care unit, according to a release from The George Washington University Hospital. His breathing and heart rate were monitored.

      "Amir suffered from respiratory distress shortly after birth," the hospital said in a statement.

      Taylor said she was riding on the Green Line when she suddenly felt two strong contractions. A third contraction made her fall to her knees in pain.

      "Three contractions later, I had the baby," she told ABC7.

      With no time to get to the hospital, good Samaritans jumped in to help. The off-duty EMT began delivering Amir while a man on the platform offered the shirt off his back.

      Saa Alpha, a Metro station manager, says it was incredible to see strangers come together to help.